GT Walsheim

GT Walsheim Ultra Light

Martin Woodtli

GT Walsheim Ultra Light Oblique

Emil Cardinaux

GT Walsheim Thin

Wolfgang Weingart

GT Walsheim Thin Oblique

Ernst Keller

GT Walsheim Light

Hermann Eidenbenz

GT Walsheim Light Oblique

Наташа Агапова

GT Walsheim Regular

Max Bill

GT Walsheim Regular Oblique

Hermann Eidenbenz

GT Walsheim Medium

Казимир Малевич

GT Walsheim Medium Oblique

Эль Лисицкий

GT Walsheim Bold

Сергей Серов

GT Walsheim Bold Oblique

Александр Родченко

GT Walsheim Black

Armin Hofmann

GT Walsheim Black Oblique

Эль Лисицкий

GT Walsheim Ultra Bold

Melchior Imboden

GT Walsheim Ultra Bold Oblique

Hermann Eidenbenz


Inspired by the lettering of Swiss poster designer legend Otto Baumberger from the 1930s, GT Walsheim is a friendly but precise typeface. Unlike other geometric sans-serifs, it sports warm curves and wears a broad smile. Supports all Cyrillic languages.

Designed by

Latin by Noël Leu (Grilli Type)
Cyrillic by Noël Leu with Mirco Schiavone


Latin released 2011–2014
Cyrillic released 2014
Available in 16 Styles
For Desktop, Web, App Licensing