GT Pressura

GT Pressura Light

Port of Rotterdam

GT Pressura Light Italic

Courier envelopes

GT Pressura Regular

Crush resistance

GT Pressura Regular Italic

Wooden crates

GT Pressura Bold

Dangerous goods

GT Pressura Bold Italic

Except: This side up

GT Pressura Mono Light

Bubble wrap

GT Pressura Mono Light Italic

Stacking strength

GT Pressura Mono Regular

Weight in grams

GT Pressura Mono Regular Italic

Crush resistance

GT Pressura Mono Bold

Hazardous material

GT Pressura Mono Bold Italic

Shipping terminal


Inspired by type stamped on shipping boxes, GT Pressura uses the visual effect of ink spreading under pressure as a stylistic device. The condensed sans serif alludes to a scientific background but with its rounded corners shows a soft and friendly side in larger sizes.

Designed by

Marc Kappeler (Moiré)
Dominik Huber (Moiré)


Released in 2012
Available in 12 Styles
For Desktop, Web, App Licensing