GT Academy
  • Welcome to our new GT Academy
  • School is in session every Tuesday

In this series we’re going to share our approach to type design and help you to understand the basics of creating a typeface from the ground up. ⁠⠀
Your teacher is Noël and the first ten lessons will show you how to design the lowercase Latin alphabet.

Retail typefaces

Try out our fonts – for free. Grilli Type trial fonts allow you to use the fonts for mockups in all your favorite design apps.

GT America
  • New languages

GT America now supports the Greek and Cyrillic scripts, as well as Vietnamese. This update to our eighty-four styles family is available from Compressed to Expanded, as well as Mono.

Commission case studies
GT Flexa
  • GT Flexa
  • Typeface minisite

Instead of the traditional view of a typeface as a collection of static styles, GT Flexa embraces the idea of a fluid design space. As a dynamic tool, it enables joyful typesetting that allows for fully responsive typesetting. Grilli Type is very proud to release this beautiful typeface system, designed by Dominik Huber with Marc Kappeler. Learn more about it on this typeface minisite!

Web Fonts Guide
  • Learn how to best use web fonts

Today’s browsers allow for great typography—if you only know how to do it! This tutorial starts with the basics but teaches you all the tips and tricks we use at Grilli Type. This one is useful for beginners and professional developers alike.

Fonts in Use
  • GT Flexa in use

Alles Blau Studio designed a bold visual identity and website for It takes full advantage of our new variable font GT Flexa.

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