GT Haptik

Licensing basics

When you purchase fonts, you are actually purchasing fonts licensing – the ability to use our fonts in certain ways and for certain things. Here’s some basic information on all of this – but best have a look at our Information page for all the details.

Desktop licensing allows you to install our fonts on your computer to create images and documents for print and on screen. This includes logos, printed matter, and images and videos you may want to put online or show on TV. It’s calculated by the number of computers you need to install the fonts on within your organization.

Web licensing allows you to use our fonts on your website with @font-face technology. That way, you can use our fonts for one or more of your websites for a certain number of monthly unique visitors.

App licensing allows you to embed our fonts within applications. Our fonts can be used in apps for both desktop and mobile platforms. It’s calculated by the number of developers’ computers used for the creation of the application.

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