GT Sectra

GT Sectra Book

Operação Poltergeist

GT Sectra Book Italic

Harvard Business Review

GT Sectra Regular

Lowest of the Low

GT Sectra Regular Italic

Reader’s Digest

GT Sectra Medium

Que No Se Escabulla

GT Sectra Medium Italic

Página Siete, La Paz

GT Sectra Bold

Life expectancy boom in SA

GT Sectra Bold Italic

Zero Hora, Porto Alegre

GT Sectra Black

Washington Post

GT Sectra Black Italic

Praia Livre em Piatã

GT Sectra Fine Book

Vice Magazine

GT Sectra Fine Book Italic

Lowest of the Low

GT Sectra Fine Regular

Einigung im Tarifstreit

GT Sectra Fine Regular Italic

Paris Review of Books

GT Sectra Fine Medium

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

GT Sectra Fine Medium Italic

Iltalehti, Helsinki

GT Sectra Fine Bold

Reader’s Digest

GT Sectra Fine Bold Italic

Railroad Model Craftsman

GT Sectra Fine Black

Reader’s Digest

GT Sectra Fine Black Italic

Que No Se Escabulla

GT Sectra Display Light

5,4% mehr Lohn

GT Sectra Display Light Italic

Kurier Poranny, Bialystok

GT Sectra Display Regular

Libération, Paris

GT Sectra Display Regular Italic

Otro Envión a Mercados

GT Sectra Display Medium

Politiken, Copenhagen

GT Sectra Display Medium Italic

Haaretz, Tel Aviv

GT Sectra Display Bold

El Nuevo Día, San Juan

GT Sectra Display Bold Italic

La Femme Fatale

GT Sectra Display Super

Praia Livre em Piatã

GT Sectra Display Super Italic

The Namibian, Windhoek


GT Sectra is a contemporary serif typeface combining the calligraphy of the broad nib pen with the sharpness of the scalpel knive. It was originally designed for use in the long-form journalism magazine “Reportagen” and now expanded to its three subfamilies: GT Sectra, GT Sectra Fine, and GT Sectra Display.

Designed by

Marc Kappeler (Moiré)
Dominik Huber (Moiré)
Noël Leu (Grilli Type)


Released in 2014
Available in 30 Styles
For Desktop, Web, App Licensing